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Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

Many of us would like to stay in our homes as we get older. We work with you to modify your home so that you can call your house a home for a lifetime. We can help you with modifications to your existing home to make it more comfortable and allow you to keep your independence as you age. Even the smallest modifications can have a big impact day-to-day. Some of these updates include widening doorways, improving lighting throughout the home, adding variable height countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, roll out shelving for cabinets all the way to adding an elevator and more. The possibilities are endless.


Are you in need of more room for a growing family? Maybe you want some extra space for guests? How about a nice family room or a new garage?

Dockham Builders can assist you with every step of expanding the living space of your current home in a style that blends well with your existing architecture.


Is your kitchen is in need of an update? As the saying goes, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.”  A comfortable and functional kitchen is what everyone wants. Don’t continue to suffer in your old kitchen any longer! Dockham Builders has the experience you need to completely transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming space.

Decks, Screen Rooms, Sun Rooms

Dockham Builders specializes in all varieties of decks, screen rooms and sun rooms. From simple open decks for informal gatherings and weekend relaxation to finished four-season sun rooms which allow you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors regardless of the weather.

According to the Remodeling 2011–12 Cost vs. Value Report decks add both functional beauty and value to homes and in resale you can recoup up to 73% of the cost.


Your roof is the first line of defense from the outside world.  Inspect your roof at least twice a year. Look for broken or cracked shingles, missing asphalt, curling, etc. A roof leak can cause a lot of costly damage in a short amount of time. Don’t wait until you have major damage to your home, take care of your roof while it’s still taking care of you! Protect your home and call Dockham Builders for a  consultation.

Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning

Tired of that faucet or toilet that never stops leaking, furnace needs to be cleaned? Maybe it just needs some routine maintenance or maybe it’s time to replace it.  Dockham Builders only uses the most reliable subcontractors and we have the connections to get a qualified, licensed technician there when you need one.


Are you looking to make a change in your current home? Maybe you want to take out a wall to expand your current bedroom or start a kitchen renovation? The craftsmen at Dockham Builders have the experience you need to renovate your home to meet your needs.


The bathroom is probably the smallest room in your home, but you use it many times a day. Imagine waking up on a cold winter morning and stepping onto a warm tile floor with a thermostatically controlled heat matt! Walking into your tile shower and letting the warm rain fall over you! What an incredible way to start your day. Dockham Builders can completely transform your bathroom into the warm and welcoming space you deserve. Turn your bathroom into an oasis for relaxation!


Flooring is not just for walking on! Flooring can add a warmth and style to your home. Whether it’s hardwood, tile, or that carpet that you just want to curl up on and take a nap. There are many different brands, styles, finishes and designs to choose from. Let Dockham Builders help you decide what is right for you and your home!


Tired of pulling into your driveway and staring at that old looking house! Chipping or pealing paint is not only ugly, it could mean that there is moisture behind the siding. Your home could be rotting all around you and you wouldn’t know it. There are many other reasons to change the siding on your home;  improved appearance, adding insulation to your walls, curb appeal, resale value, lower maintenance, etc.  Dockham Builders has the knowledge and experience to install all types of siding; vinyl clapboards or shingles, fiber cement, cedar clapboards or shingles, engineered or composite materials, etc. We can help you decide what is right for you and your home.


A quality paint job  not only gives your home that fresh feel, it is also the first layer of protection for your exterior woodwork.  Dockham Builders uses high quality low VOC products and we take the time to match existing colors and finishes. Dockham Builders takes care of your project from concept and design to that final coat of paint or polyurethane.

New Homes

From breaking ground on a new home project to handing the homeowner the keys to their new dream home, Dockham Builders has the experience and know-how it takes to put our clients in the home they have always wanted.


If the windows in your home are old and drafty, they are a major part of why your heating and cooling bills are rising!  The anatomy of a window has changed drastically in recent years;  Low-E coatings, gas fills between the panes, insulated frames, frame materials and the # of glass panes are the differences between your windows and new energy efficient windows. The lower the U-value the better. Dockham Builders can replace your old windows with new energy efficient windows!

Custom Woodwork

Since 1988 Dockham Builders has been working together with our clients to give them exactly what they want. Custom woodworking can fit into any budget. Custom kitchens, home offices, book shelves or full libraries, vanities, bars, wall units, custom cabinetry, fireplace mantels, entertainment centers, customized closets, or any other custom built-in feature you can think of for your home. Make good use of valuable space. How about building a dresser to fit into the knee walls on your second floor! Dockham Builders will build to your specifications and fit your spaces. We work together with you to design your project and make it exactly what you want!


Do you feel like you are always living in the dark? If your home just doesn’t have enough lighting, or you would like to update your existing lighting, we can help. If you are dreading that next power outage, you don’t have to. We offer portable and stand by Generac generators for your home or business.

Professional, fully licensed and insured,  residential, commercial and industrial electrical work in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine.

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